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News & press releases

Elektronik i Norden has reported our received SKAPA-prize founded to the memory of Alfred Nobel. See also the report by Norrköping municipality:

The Swedish electronics magasine (Elektroniktidningen, Nr. 5, 2013) has written an article about Wiotech and CultureBee:

Energi Världen Nr. 3, 2012 (a magazine published by the Swedish Energy Authority--Energimyndigheten) has written an article \"Kulturskatt får trådlös övervakning av klimatet\" which describes our CultureBee system deployed at the Vasamuseum in Stockholm. The wireless sensor network with a dozen sensors has been deployed at the museum since March 2012 and it works very well to monitor the indoor climate for preserving this national treasure of Sweden

Vasa Museum in Stockholm has utilized a CultureBee wireless sensor network with a dozen sensors that cover the entire museum building from Floor 0 (under water level) to Floor 8. Moreover, the wireless automatic control function will also be tested in a conference room.

Vinnova has granted us a new project "CultureBee for Internet of Things" with a total budget of 2 million SEK under the period 2012-2013. The goal of the project is to expand application areas of CultureBee for possible commercialization of the wireless sensor network technology.

Jingcheng Zhang has successfully defended his licentiat thesis "Design and optimization of a remote wireless monitoring and control system". Congratulations!

Jingcheng Zhang has been invited by InTech to write a book chapter to the new book entitled \"Remote Sensing\", ISBN 979-953-307-231-8. The invitation is based on his earlier publication: \"Reliability and latency enhancements in a ZigBee remote sensing system\". Congratulations!

We have received 3.1 million kr from the Swedish Energy Agency for a national pilot project, in cooperation with the Swedish Churches and Gotland University. The Swedish Churches will contribute another 3.1 million kr to the project. Wireless networks with both remote monitoring and remote control will be established in at least 26 churches , spread over the whole country.

Allan Huynh has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation: \"Study of Wired and Wireless data transmissions\". Congratulations!

CultureBee information meeting was held in Norrköping. A national pilot project whithin Svenska Kyrkan for deploying the CultureBee system at choosen churches were discussed.

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The CultureBee system has been nominated to the Swedish Embedded Award 2010. It will be shown-up at the Technology Exhibition in Stockholm between 19-22 October 2010.

CultureBee will be demonstrated at the fair Sveriges Energiting 2010 in Stockholm, March 17th. The demonstration is planned for Session 56, Demonstration of a Wireless Data Collection System for Cultural Buildings.

The web site for remote monitoring of temperature and humidity at Linköpings Domkyrka and Täppan at LiU, Norrköping, is launched.

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CultureBee has received the SKAPA-prize founded to the memory of Alfred Nobel. It is for promoting innovations in Sweden.

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